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Hi! My name is Finnmap Lao. And here is just a regular blog of regular woman. You can find here some of my good ideas, my thoughts and my observations. when I have some free time I use to write about my life. What makes me happy and what makes me feel bad. If you want to share moments and thoughts with me, just share some posts and feel free to write a comment. Spend some time with my blog and be more pink like my world.

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US Border Patrol Hasn’t Validated E-Passport Data For Years

For over a decade, US Customs and Border Protection has been unable to verify the cryptographic signatures on e-Passports, because they never installed the right software.

How Trump Conquered Facebook Without Russian Ads

WIRED contributor Antonio García Martínez on why Russia’s Facebook ads were less important to Trump’s victory than his own Facebook ads.

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You can use Bernoulli's principle to explain how planes fly—but that isn't the only way.

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We discuss the good and bad points about the HomePod, and tell you whether it's worth your Satoshis.

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Plus: the rise of electric, dockless bike-sharing, Tesla's crypto currency kerfuffle, and more car news you missed this week.