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Hi! My name is Finnmap Lao. And here is just a regular blog of regular woman. You can find here some of my good ideas, my thoughts and my observations. when I have some free time I use to write about my life. What makes me happy and what makes me feel bad. If you want to share moments and thoughts with me, just share some posts and feel free to write a comment. Spend some time with my blog and be more pink like my world.

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Ex-Google Employee Claims Wrongful Firing For Criticizing James Damore’s Memo

Former Google engineer Tim Chevalier sued the company, claiming he was fired for sharing politically liberal posts on Google's internal message boards.

Snakelike Skin Gives a Robot the Power to Crawl

Researchers report today that they’ve designed an inflatable robot with its own scales that automatically pop out to get a grip.

'The Last Jedi''s User Interfaces Aren't Just Cool-Looking

Every display in the latest Star Wars film exists to help tell the story.

Inside the Panoptic Studio, the Dome That Could Give Robots Super-Senses

In a chilly basement room sits a giant dome that looks like part physics experiment and part like that chamber Darth Vader kicks back in.

Airlines Won’t Dare Use the Fastest Way to Board Planes

United's latest experiment with the boarding procedure could make things better—but it's no revolution.