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Hi! My name is Finnmap Lao. And here is just a regular blog of regular woman. You can find here some of my good ideas, my thoughts and my observations. when I have some free time I use to write about my life. What makes me happy and what makes me feel bad. If you want to share moments and thoughts with me, just share some posts and feel free to write a comment. Spend some time with my blog and be more pink like my world.

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Rocket Lab Test Flight Launches Three CubeSats to Orbit

The launch company Rocket Lab sent three small satellites to orbit during a test flight from New Zealand.

The Magnetohydrodynamic Drive Is Real—and You Can Build One

All you need is a battery, a magnet, and some wires to build your own quasi-fictional submarine drive.

This Year's Sundance Lineup Might Be Its Most Crucial Yet

With slate full of movies by and about women, the festival is poised to start a lot of conversations.

Space Photos of the Week: *You* Just Try to Snap a Pic at 100,000 MPH

When NASA's Juno spacecraft whizzes by Jupiter's poles, it manages to snap clear photos at astounding speeds.

Amazon's New Home, Ford's Electric Plan, and More This Week in the Future of Cars

Plus lots of news from CES and the Detroit Auto Show.