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Hi! My name is Finnmap Lao. And here is just a regular blog of regular woman. You can find here some of my good ideas, my thoughts and my observations. when I have some free time I use to write about my life. What makes me happy and what makes me feel bad. If you want to share moments and thoughts with me, just share some posts and feel free to write a comment. Spend some time with my blog and be more pink like my world.

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    Bracelets are said to be an ornament, mere accessories to the user. People use them to incorporate an edgy display of fashion; others use them to make a simple outfit edgier than it looks. Never did it happen tha...

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  • Urban Clothing: The Fashion History

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  • Why China is the Best Place for Golfing Trips

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  • Top questions to ask yourself before going on a trip

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  • How to Date a Cougar Woman Successfully?

    Age gap dating is somehow stressful, particularly when a younger man does not know how to make their first step. Others end up quitting within a short period. Cougars are just like any other woman on the streets....

  • Boundaries: Why Do Some Men Let Women Walk All Over Them?

    It doesn’t matter whether one is a man or woman, as they can both be walked over by the same or the opposite sex. And while this could relate to someone being physically walked over, in the majority of case...

  • Medical Schools in New York

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  • Four Great Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

    What is the first thought that comes into your mind when someone mentions the word “entrepreneur?” Do you think of a person who has the courage to step out on their own? Or do you think of a BIG leap of faith and...


This Startup Is Challenging Mechanical Turk—on the Blockchain

Amazon's Mechanical Turk dominates the market for on-demand microtasks. Gems is using cryptocurrency to appeal to workers and task-requesters.

What Rick Gates' Guilty Plea Means For Mueller’s Probe

Paul Manafort’s longtime deputy is cooperating with the special prosecutor, so we may soon have answers to these questions hovering around the Russia investigation.

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Plus: the rise of electric, dockless bike-sharing, Tesla's crypto currency kerfuffle, and more car news you missed this week.

The Struggle to Predict—and Prevent—Toxic Masculinity

Sociological research shows that some delinquent boys—but not all—turn into men with no regard for other people's rights.

Why We Can’t Let Google Monopolize AI

WIRED contributor Robert Wright on why the government needs to stop Google from monopolizing AI.